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Apr 30, 2024Ryan Gair

I am pleased to introduce our new construction product, Elevate Construction, part of our Elevate product suite. Elevate Construction is a game-changer, aimed at reinvigorating Australia’s residential construction industry through lower fees and market leading interest rates, bringing self-employed Australians closer to their dream builds.

I’ve always believed that within every challenge lies an opportunity. That’s the vision that led us to develop the Elevate Construction loan. It’s disheartening to see private dwelling construction approvals plummet to their lowest since 2013. These figures aren’t just statistics; they represent the stifled dreams of the 2 million strong self-employed workforce.

That’s why we’ve designed an Alt doc and Full doc construction loan solution, to bridge the gap for hard-working Australians who’ve been sidelined by the current economic climate.

In addition, for homes achieving a NatHERS rating of 7 stars or higher, we’re offering a 0.20% discount off the standard rate. It’s our way of rewarding those who build with the environment in mind and encouraging a greener future for all.

Understanding the landscape of financial services, I see time and time again how the self-employed can be overlooked. This product goes a long way to change that. With over $7 billion settled in under five years, our tailored solutions across our product offering, including the elimination of clawbacks and various fees, have been game-changers. The Elevate Construction loan is the next step in our commitment to providing real solutions for the self-employed.

Innovation is what strengthens our franchise business model, equipping our partners with robust tools to serve a diverse self-employed market. This loan doesn’t just offer financial relief; it simplifies the process for our franchisees and referral partners, particularly in managing progress payments—a substantial benefit for mortgage brokers in these complex times.

The Elevate Construction loan design also addresses the complexities of securitization where funding can typically only be termed out once a property reaches a certain stage.

The scarcity of suitable construction loan products in the market is palpable. Recognising this, we knew it was the perfect moment to introduce the Elevate Construction loan and I encourage you to explore it in more detail by visiting www.elevateconstruction.net.au

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