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Welcome to a new era of construction financing designed specifically for the self-employed.

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Construct with Confidence

We understand the unique challenges you face when securing funding for construction projects. Rigid and time-consuming requirements that don’t take into account the entrepreneurial spirit of the self-employed are hallmarks of dealing with traditional lenders.

With the Elevate Construction loan, part of the Elevate product suite, we break down these barriers and make it easier and more affordable for you to bring your construction dreams to life.

This is not just another loan

Elevate Construction isn’t just another loan offer. It’s a tailored solution where you provide less financial documentation and we provide flexibility, affordability and a host of benefits designed to suit your unique needs and circumstances.

Key Benefits


Less documentation required to prove your income and loan serviceability

Affordability with market leading interest rates and lower fees
Extended 30-year loan term and an 18-month construction period that is additional to the standard term
Higher loan limit of up to $1.5 million, providing more flexibility for larger projects
Provides opportunities to take advantage of current government grants
Enjoy a green incentive discount (.20%) for energy efficient homes that rewards properties that meet NatHERS 7-star standards or more.