New Family Home

Whether you’re looking for a house, townhouse or unit that you and your family would like to call ‘home’ or a property you’d like to turn into an investment, relax. Rate Money has got you covered.

Loan sizes of up to $2.5 million

While bargains within the Australian property market may be few and far between, at least we’ve made the finance need more readily available for Self-Employed people like yourself.

So not only have we increased your borrowing capacity to allow for loan sizes of up to $2.5 million, we also offer loans which range from 50% LVR all the way up to 98% LVR. Or – put even simpler – we have loans starting with just a 2% deposit!
(LVR is industry language meaning Loan to Value Ratio.)

And if you’ve been close to getting a loan from a big bank or other lender but have been turned down because you didn’t fit into their ‘neat little box’ (like most Self-Employed people), don’t worry. We can help you find income they may have never even considered. Like bonuses, overtime, extra super payments, etc.

Just get in touch with us today and one of our experts will guide you to the perfect solution for your lending needs.

Find out how much you can borrow

Just use the handy calculator we have here. You can also work out how much your loan repayments are going to be, plus how much stamp duty the government are going to make you pay.

“Now all settled into my new house and enjoying the weather. Thanks to Ryan Gair and the team at Rate Money for making my own finances go through so smoothly. Amazing stuff!”

Dien Le

Founder, Finance & Coffee