Whatever you’d like to buy, we’re more than happy to help you buy it.

Get the Home Loan You Deserve

With access to funds from so many different sources (all of whom have different appetites for different property sectors), we work tirelessly to make the finance work for every one of our valued Self-Employed customers.
Regardless of your personal and/or business circumstances.
Even if a bank has already said ‘no’.
So whether you’re looking to purchase a new home, refinance your existing one or further expand your property portfolio – give us a call. Because whatever property you’re interested in – we’re interested in helping you get it. 

A New Family Home

We absolutely love helping Self-Employed people achieve the great Australian dream. Be it their first home or upgrading to a bigger one, this is how we meet most of our new customers.

Refinance an Existing Loan

If you’re Self-Employed and have a loan with another lender, you know as well as we do that you’re probably getting ripped off. So together, let’s start putting an end to that today.

NDIS Housing Loans

By investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation, you’re helping provide a comfortable home to  someone with a disability, plus helping yourself to rents  that are well above average.


While many lenders have started baulking at these type of property investments, we certainly haven’t. We’ll gladly help you get the money you need for the investment property you want.

Commercial Property

This is a sector that also interests many Self-Employed people. So, of course, we’re happy to help. We can even help you invest in your own premises.

Vacant Land

If buying your own patch of Australia is your dream, then we’ll help you finance it. While the big lenders struggle to get their head around vacant land, it’s no problem for the team at Rate Money.

Small Apartments (too small for the big banks)

It’s a growing sector. So we’re happy to help you buy into it. Small flats, tiny houses, cosy condos. It’s not our place to judge your place. But it is our place to help you finance it. And we love doing just that.

Construction (House & Land Packages)

We believe in a fair playing field. So while other lenders continue to make it hard for the Self-Employed to build a brand new home (or investment property) at Rate Money we changed the rules.

Property via Self Managed Super Fund

For our Self-Employed customers, nothing is ever placed in the ‘too hard basket’. (We don’t even have one.) So if you’d like to buy property through your SMSF, let’s start talking.

 High-density Suburbs

We are in the business of helping you buy property. So, unlike the big guys, we will never shy away from your opportunities in high-density developments or suburbs.

Get the home you want today

Ready to get the ball rolling?  Then let’s start chatting.