Property via SMSF

Ever since the Royal Commission, the big banks (and many other lenders) have given these type of loans a wide berth. But at Rate Money, we are still happy to look after the needs of the Self-Employed if they want to invest in property through their own self managed super fund (SMSF).

Rate Money
Residential SMSF

Our Rate Money Residential SMSF allows for up to 80% LVR (that’s a 20% deposit) and loan sizes of up to $1.5 million.

What’s more, our SMSF residential offering comes with a fully-functional offset facility. Which, no doubt, you’ll find very handy.

Set and forget your Principal and Interest for up to 30 years, without any nasty ongoing fees or regular property revaluations. Let your investment grow without your pocket being affected.


Rate Money Commercial SMSF

Our Commercial SMSF loans cater for a whole range of property types including (but not limited to) Commercial Offices, Industrial Units/Complexes, Retail Shops, Shopping Centres, CBD Office, Buildings (< 5 Floors), Factories/ Warehouses/Showrooms, Guest & Boarding Houses, Panel Beaters/Smash Repair Shops and Child Care Centres to name but a few. The only property type we don’t allow for is Off-the-Plan purchases.
So how does our Rate Money Commercial SMSF Loan differ from the rest out there?
Well, firstly, if you’ve only just started contributing to your SMSF that’s not an issue. We will even accept rental income, as well as considering up to 80% of your Commercial Outgoings. This effectively increases your borrowing power. And while we realise this can be a bit difficult to understand, we’re more than happy to explain it all to you face-to-face and find the perfect lending solution for you.