You’re Self-Employed. You earn your own money. So if you want to use it to buy a small apartment (or any other apartment for that matter) you should be able to. Right? So at Rate Money, we’re happy to help.

Borrow up to $2.5 million

It’s a fast growing property sector, that is becoming more and more popular with both young investors as well as ‘downsizers’. So we’ve increased the amounts we can provide in order for you to buy property within the sector. Borrow up to a million dollars at up to 80% LVR (loan to valuation ratio). 

Buy apartments as small as 35 square metres

While your ‘average’ lender won’t let you go anywhere near anything under 50 square metres, we are not average.
At Rate Money we understand that it’s YOUR purchase. Not ours.
It’s our job to help you finance it. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. With great service, great rates and great respect.