Become a Rate Money Partner 

Join forces with us and access our database of over 7,000 self-employed clients, delivering regular new business leads for your firm each month.

We also pay you for any referral you send our way, with remuneration up to 0.2% on the value of the loan.

Why Become a Rate Money Partner?


New Business


Regular new client referrals from our database of over 7,000 self-employed clients, who have reached out regarding a recommendation for a new agent.

Supplement Your


 We pay you up to 0.2% remuneration on the value of the loan for every new self-employed client you refer to Rate Money.

Work with

self-employed specialists

Were are self-employed home loan specialists – products feature flexible terms, competitive interest rates, and favourable conditions.

We Do All The Work,

You Get All The Praise

Our Rate Money Representatives, will be with your client every step of the way from submission to settlement & beyond, ensuring the application process is seamless.


How it works


Complete Referral Partner Agreement

Once you have filled in the enquiry form below, you will be sent a Rate Money Partners pack with a detailed breakdown of how we work together.

Franchisee Introduction


Meet with your local franchisee and complete the Rate Money Referral Partner Agreement as well as have any questions you may have answered.

Start Receiving

New Leads

Your local franchisee will start sending your new business leads of self-employed Rate Money clients looking for a new agent.

Initiate Referrals


Introduce your client to your Rate Money franchisee or simply provide your client’s details and Rate Money will reach out.


Track Referrals and remunerations

We will keep you in the loop of your client’s progress right throughout the application process.

Get Paid!

Once a referred client successfully settles a home loan, you receive your well-deserved remuneration.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Becoming a Rate Money Partner

How do I refer my clients?

Once you have completed your Partner Agreement, you will have a relationship with a Rate Money Franchise. From there you will work directly with a franchise representative to provide your clients information.

How many clients can I refer?

You can refer as many clients as you wish! The more the merrier we say.

Will Rate Money tell me when my client’s loan has settled?

Of course! A fundamental component of our partnerships is communication. We will be in touch as often as you wish throughout the application process.

How much can I earn through this program?

Every franchise has the ability to negotiate an agreement which works for both parties. Majority of the time agents can expect to receive 0.2% of the loan amount. For example: $1m Home Loan = Remuneration Payable $2,000.

When will I receive my remuneration?

Once the franchisee has been paid, you will be paid immediately.

How will I know that I received my remuneration?

You can expect to receive an email notification when your remuneration has been paid. But, as mentioned above, communication is key you will be informed right throughout the application process.

Terms & Conditions:   
Subject to meeting Rate Money’s Referral Onboarding Criteria.   
Subject to non-clawback period, as per Lender Guidelines.