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May 21, 2021Rate Money News

Australian Broker Feb 2022

Self-employed specialist and mortgage manager Rate Money has undergone huge growth, despite only setting up in July 2019.

Rate Money was founded in response to the lack of options for self-employed borrowers, and CEO Ryan Gair sat down with Australian Broker to discuss the company’s rapid rate of expansion.

“That’s how Rate Money started,” he told our print magazine. “We kicked off with two funding lines in July 2019, which has now increased to six different funding lines. In July 2019, when Rate Money opened the doors, it was with just three people, and we have now grown exponentially, having 16 branches based in NSW and Victoria and almost 100 people within our network.”

“When a customer walks into a Rate Money office, they know they are dealing with the best in the business and that we understand the client’s circumstances and will go that extra mile in every way possible.”

“We want to bring branch principals on board that have been in the industry for a long time and who see the opportunity of expanding and growing their business – offices that have a team of professionals behind them, which allows the branch principal to grow a big business themselves.”

Rate Money has distinguished itself based on its willingness to adapt to the needs of self-employed customers.

“Self-employed people are time-poor; they need to speak to someone who gets the client’s situation first time,” said Gair. “We wanted to make sure that we could offer all self-employed applicants different loans.”

“All customers have different circumstances. Each customer is unique, and having only one or two funding lines means you can pigeonhole yourself with a lot of customers. All of our funding lines offer a different, unique product offering.

“We have six different funders at this current time, and with those funding lines they all offer a different policy and niches, so very rarely are we unable to help a self-employed applicant. We can do high-rise, we can do cash-out, ATO debt, and we can do large loan amounts in regional areas – the list goes on.”

Natalie and Chris Moran joined Rate Money in February and are based in the southwest Sydney suburb of Fairfield.

“We loved the idea of running our own business as well as having the support of the group behind us. We decided to join because of the support, and we went with Rate Money in particular, due to the exclusive low-doc products on offer as well as the variety of other lenders available,” said the Morans.

“Opening a Rate Money branch was also fairly easy to set up. The team made it simple, and everything was set up quickly. We had great support, from setting up employees into the system, to IT and office branding.”


by Mike Wood

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