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Powerful refinancing solutions for self-employed and small business owners

We make it easier for your self-employed and small business clients to secure the refinancing solutions they need.

Whether they’re looking to unlock funds to reinvest in their business, or to consolidate multiple ATO debts into a single, competitive and manageable payment, Rate Money offers a faster loan application process, with fewer checks, and lower documentation requirements.

Partnering with Rate Money makes perfect sense

We believe the self-employed and small business owners are the backbone of Australia’s economy. So we’ve created a place where they’re the most important people in the room.

By delivering home loan solutions that are tailored for their needs we make it easier for them to secure the refinancing solutions they need, and for you to deliver the best service to your clients.


Simple eligibility criteria

Many banks and home loan providers have stringent lending criteria, making it harder for businesses with poor credit or inconsistent income to qualify.

We make it easier for them to get the home loan solutions they need.


More streamlined approvals process

The application and approval process at the banks and mainstream home loan providers can be lengthy and bureaucratic, potentially delaying access to funds.

We remove the obstacles between your clients and the solutions they need.


More flexibility and freedom, with full transparency

Major banks and home loan providers usually offer less flexibility in terms of loan structures and repayment terms. If your clients manage to get a loan, the process is complex and often perplexing.

We deliver a fully transparent, inclusive, collaborative, and proactive experience.

We believe in Heroes

Whether they’re looking to unlock funds to invest in their business or manage their ATO debt, our exclusive Elevate Full Doc and Alt Doc product solutions will help your clients meet their objectives.

  • Loans up to $2.5 million with total exposure up to $3 million
  • Up to 80% LVR
  • Accounts Declaration or BAS only (Easy Doc)
  • Competitive rates
  • No application or valuation fees

Refinancing for reinvestment

Substantiate liquidity and equity for reinvestment in the business

  • Refinancing provides a powerful solution for unlocking funds in a property’s equity so that they can be reinvested in the business.
  • Unlocking liquidity or equity in a property means freeing up capital that can be reallocated to drive growth, purchase new plants, machinery, or technology, invest in digital transformation, train employees, and pursue a range of other opportunities.

“In the 2024 Banjo SME Compass Report, 59% of SMEs will invest in new technology, 46% plan to increase headcount, and 53% aim to invest in significant new assets or equipment.”

Refinancing to manage ATO debt

Consolidate debts into a single competitive & manageable payment

  • Refinancing a current home loan is a simple and effective way to manage a tax debt.
  • By securing better loan terms, with lower interest rates, extended repayment periods, and a simplified application process, we enable self-employed and small business owners to effectively manage and consolidate their tax debts, ease financial strain, and improve their overall financial stability.

“Since COVID, the ATO has increased its focus on small business debt. As of 1 January 2024, the total debt owed by small businesses to the ATO was a staggering $34 billion*, representing 65 per cent of the total collectable debt. The magnifying glass is well and truly back, and the ATO is laser-focused on enforcement action to collect this debt.” *Source: ABC News citing ATO

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Rate Money’s CEO, Ryan Gair, explains why refinancing for business reinvestment and tax debt consolidation is a powerful solution for the self-employed and small business owners.

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