Five ways to find your business niche and dominate it

Nov 16, 2022Ryan Gair Insights

Australian Broker Feb 2022

More than 10% of working Australians are self-employed, but getting a home loan is notoriously hard.

As a self-employed person, I saw the massive gap in the mortgage market. So, in 2019, we changed the game and launched Rate Money. Now, we have 33 franchises across Australia.

For any entrepreneur wanting to start a business AND make it successful, you must first level the playing field. This means finding your niche and excelling at it.

That was easier said than done, and not every niche is lucrative!
But it’s not impossible.

I shared my top 5 tips on finding the gap in the market and turning it into a successful business with SmartCompany.



“Going up against the big players in any industry can be daunting for startups and small businesses, but there’s a secret to levelling the playing field: specialising. The more niche your business, the easier it is to redefine your unique selling proposition in a narrower field. It’s the magic of making yourself look like a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

Not every niche is lucrative enough to sustain a business, however. So, how do you identify gaps in the market that might be worth pursuing? Here are five boxes to tick when you’re on the precipice….”
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